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Oli Sykes’s, singer from Bring Me The Horizon, identity stolen to lure teen girl into horiffic attac

Posted by CarlyRyanFoundation

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Quote from Oli Sykes this morning.

"I woke up to the news in LA, and didn't really believe it at first. It's very unsettling. I'm aware that people have used my identity for pranks and what ever, which has always been something that's been uncomfortable for me, but for something like this to happen is terrifying. My heart goes out to Maricar and hope she recovers soon.

I would also urge any one using social networking sites about a really great foundation called the Carly Ryan foundation ( Carly suffered a fate worse even worse than this case but The story isn't worlds apart. The foundation was set up to raise awareness and educate people on the risks of meeting people online. Stay safe and be careful."

-Oli Sykes (Bring Me The Horizon)

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