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Donations can be made to The Carly Ryan Foundation Inc. via the 'Make a Donation' tab on this page or nationally at any Westpac branch.

You can post your donation to:

The Carly Ryan Foundation Inc
PO Box 589
Stirling SA 5152

ABN: 60 858 926 697

Please advise us if you require a receipt for your donation.

The Carly Ryan Foundation is a Harm Prevention Charity with DGR status.

Counselling and Support Services

The Carly Ryan Foundation also provides connection to counselling and support services for victims of Internet crime as well as providing familes with valuable information about online safety, current apps and safe online practices. We are here to help, please do not hesitate to contact.

Please email for further information and support.

The Carly Ryan Foundation is a certified online safety program provider under the Office of the eSafety Commissioner's certification scheme.


If someone has used the internet to bully or harrass you and you have reported the harmful content online to a site and have not received a response to have that horrible content, comments or photographs removed contact the Office of The eSafety Commissioner ( for assistance immediately.

The office of the eSafety Commissioner operates under laws that give them the power to help youth experiencing serious cyberbullying.

The office provides the following support;

  • a complaints service for young Australians who experience serious cyberbullying
  • identifying and removing illegal online content
  • tackling image-based abuse

We are here to help you. If you do not feel confident to begin this process The Carly Ryan Foundation's staff can help guide you through this difficult time. You are not alone.