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New Laws To Challenge Release Of Serial Sex Predator Colin Humphrys

Posted by CarlyRyanFoundation

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Allies in the fight against the release of recidivist paedophiles, the Carly Ryan Foundation and one of the victims of serial paedophile Colin Humphrys, have welcomed the news that he and several other offenders like him will remain in prison thanks to new laws designed to keep the community safe from sex offenders unable or unwilling to control their impulses to sexually abuse innocent children.

 XX is so grateful to both sides of politics who have listened to his experience and to community concerns. The absurd situation of impulsive serial child sex offenders given the freedom to reoffend has been addressed by our Parliament.

“I’m relieved that these new laws are in line with community expectations, that the rights of children are being held in higher regard rather than these insidious criminals right to reoffend”

XX has spoken with Adam Kimber today and commented saying;

“This is a real personal relief to me and I want to thank your office for choosing to test these new laws”

Sonya Ryan, CEO & Founder of The Carly Ryan Foundation, who is with XX today, commends him for his continued advocacy to help prevent harm to others.

 “I’m pleased the CRF was able to support XX in his public appeal ensuring the protection of children is an absolute priority for our society”

 “The SA community will now be protected from serial sex offenders and I too commend the DPP for applying these new laws today”


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