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Carly's mum's new ally to fight sex predators

Posted by CarlyRyanFoundation

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Carly Ryan Foundation CEO and Founder Sonya Ryan has welcomed the funding commitment from the South Australian Government, announced today.  

The State Government will invest about $660,000 to help the Carly Ryan Foundation continue its vital work educating young people about the dangers of cyber bullying and online predatory behaviour. The funding will cover the cost of trained presenters, staff and the ability to offer support services for victims of crime and the continuation of the Foundation’s programs in schools.  

The Carly Ryan Foundation is a non-profit harm prevention charity established after the murder of 15-year-old South Australian Carly Ryan by an online predator, to promote internet safety and help prevent crimes against children and young people.  

The State Government has committed to providing about $220,000 in funding each year for the next three years.  

“I'm so pleased the State Government has recognised the value of the Carly Ryan Foundation and leveraging Carly's legacy to help prevent harm to children,” Ms Ryan said.

“Through this funding commitment, the CRF will be able to continue to offer direct support to young South Australians and their families.  

“By empowering children and the broader community through education and awareness we can tackle issues like bullying and online predators to prevent negative and harmful actions and keep kids safe.  

“It's wonderful that the CRF will now be able to expand its reach, not just in the delivery of seminars and workshops, but by continuing to contribute to the national discussion on tackling bullying and cybercrime, supporting victims and campaigning for law and policy reforms which enhance the protection of children and the delivery of justice.”  

Education and Child Development Minister Susan Close said: “Cyber bullying and online predatory behaviour has no place in our community and can have disastrous consequences.” “The Carly Ryan Foundation’s approach is about building on the emotional intelligence of young people, enabling them to make better choices, have self-respect and build resilience,” Minister Close said.  

“So far, the Carly Ryan Foundation has visited more than 400 schools in South Australia – providing support to more than 100,000 students and the State Government funding will be used to deliver more workshops  

“Sonya Ryan has turned the tragic loss of her daughter Carly into a positive initiative and the State Government is pleased to be able to ensure her hard work continues for years to come.”  

eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant also welcomed the announcement.  

“I am delighted to hear about the South Australian government support for the incredible Carly Ryan Foundation,” Ms Inman Grant said.  

“As one of our Certified Online Safety Providers, we have seen how Sonya Ryan makes important connections with young people by telling her harrowing story and engages them in a way that really resonates and encourages them to take charge of their own online safety journey. “Sonya makes a valuable contribution to the Online Safety Consultative Working Group and this support will enable her to focus on what she does best—making the internet safer for young Australians.”

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