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Facebook's secrecy putting kids at risk

Posted by CarlyRyanFoundation

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Facebook's secrecy putting our children at risk


The Carly Ryan Foundation is a signatory to a joint letter to Facebook over the impact of encryption on child safety, sent by the NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) in the UK. The CRF is one of 128 signatures on the letter, together with international child protection agencies and leading academics. The letter was sent to Mark Zuckerburg today.

CRF Founder and CEO Sonya Ryan said it is vital that we push back against encryption on social media. “The amount of child sexual predators using the internet to abuse children today is a massive and growing problem, this is a global issue,” Ms Ryan said.
“Currently, abuse notifications from Facebook Messenger are resulting in thousands of arrests per year, and thousands of children are being protected from horrific abuse. Facebook’s plan to encrypt Messenger would ensure that child grooming and exploitation on the platform would become undetectable. The full impact of these changes is frightening.
“We need to create real action and come together as a society to invest in the future of our children, they deserve it.”


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